Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Things About KENYA...

I want to share a few of the things I noticed/found interesting/loved about KENYA!!

#1 Soccer (aka "futbol")
     It doesn't matter how big or small the field is;
     it doesn't matter how tall or short the grass is cut;
     it doesn't matter if there are 6 people or 60 people playing;
     it doesn't matter if they have shoes or not;
     it doesn't matter how big, small, or flat the ball is....

#2 The little children :) 
     These are the happiest, friendliest kids I have ever met!
     They all just wave and smile.
     The little children often run after our van with big grins.
     It is seriously the most precious thing I've ever seen!


#3 The roads....
     Their roads give a whole new meaning to "backroads"...
     Most roads are straight dirt...the back roads are straight rock..
     Either way, they are bumpy!!

     (I'm not gonna lie, I kinda miss those roads)

#4 School!!!
     In their schools, they do not call them "grades" 
       (like 1st grade or 7th grade), they call them "classes."
     Also, they don't call it elementary, middle, or high school - 
       instead, it's primary=elementary and middle (1-8) and 
       secondary=high school.
     Each class at a normal primary school has about 50-70 kids!
       Now imagine that teachers!!

#5 Talking 
     In Kenya, the average person knows 3 languages:
       English, Swahili, and their tribal language
     Becasue of this, and the language barrier, I had to learn to
     T  A  L  K    V  E  R  Y    S  L  O  W  L  Y!

I love this land!
 #6 This land!
     I have always loved the country more than the city, and that makes this place 10x's more 
     The mountains are inspiring!
     Lake Victoria is breath-taking!
     There are rice paddies and maze (corn) fields..
     There are banana trees and pineapple trees..
     There are avacado and papaya trees..
     and there are sugar cane fields....EVERYWHERE!!
     .....and I LOVE IT!!!

#7 The animals..
     It just wouldn't be right if there weren't animals roaming all   
         around: cows, goats, donkeys, chicken....these are a few of 
         the mischevious creatures
     (it's kinda weird NOT seeing them everywhere...)

#8 The sounds
     I might have worn earplugs, but I would take the sounds of Africa over the sounds of a city in    
     America any day!

#9 The food!
     Ugali, chapattis, and mandazi are just a few of the traditional Kenyan foods I got to try!
     Of course, you can't go wrong with rice and beans or a cup of chai!
     They don't have a lot of flavor or variety, but the food is inexpensive and nutritious.

#10 Their smiles :) :) :) :) :) :)
Cynthia, Jen, and Flora :)
      they have the MOST BEAUTIFUL smiles ever!!!
      they have so much joy and life inside of them!
      it really is crazy - they have so few possessions, yet so much joy,
          while we have so much stuff and no joy at all...
      I love these smiles!! I LOVE THESE KIDS!


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