Sunday, October 7, 2012



(one of the three concepts behind "ONE")

We all have the ability to make a difference, yet so many times we leave it to someone else. 
We think, "somebody else will help" "somebody else will give" "somebody else will go."
Well why not YOU? Why not ME? 
If I do it - that's ONE. If you do it too, that's another ONE. and so on and so on...
Each ONE of us makes a difference. Each ONE of us matters.

BE ONE is all about YOU!
being ONE is about making a difference - saying to yourself "I am ONE."
you are not JUST one and you are not ONLY one, you are A one, and that is all it takes.

Be one person. Be the only person you know how to be. Be you. Be true to yourself.
Be a helping hand. Be a cheerful smile. Be a warming heart. Be a loving embrace. 
BE the hands and feet of Jesus. BE the salt and light of the world. 


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